SKG was launched by dreamers and doers. Its purpose - to help other dreamers and doers in mid-90’s Austin craft an environment that would allow them to take their vision beyond four walls. Having an environment that sparks creativity, fosters collaboration, or just makes you feel good, reflects the organization’s outlook. A couple of standing desks, some ergonomic chairs, a sofa and a whiteboard may be the only elements needed to stimulate your growing team.

Without sacrificing products and services that are synonymous with SKG, Shop SKG is a platform of affordable and readily available products that allow you to find the perfect pieces to transform your office into a curated environment. Our web-enabled tools let you create your ideal space. We offer an entire suite of furnishings, walls, acoustical products, and technology that will help your organization up its game, and we just made it easier to get them.

Design, shop and purchase through Shop SKG. If you would like design assistance, we are happy to offer the support of skilled workplace strategists who employ the latest research in ergonomics and workplace best practices.

Curate your creativity. Seize your vision.

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"Our goal is to curate a dynamic platform of inspiring and affordable solutions that respond to the pace and demands of today's ever-changing workplace." Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO


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